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My name is Lisa and I hail from the wonderful city of Adelaide, South Australia (Allegedly the world’s fifth most liveable city!). I started my journey to zero-waste this year (March 2015), and have found that it has helped me in more ways than one. You can find me on Instagram @lisa_bunny -I have been posting photos of my journey on there, but figured it’s high time that I get back to blogging (and stop bombarding my followers with “text-walls” on Instagram).

My site does have some location-specific tips (I started it initially because I wanted to use it as a tool to promote local zero-waste friendly businesses), however the principles (and frustrations and joys) remain the same for all of us who are embarking on this journey.

Thanks for stopping by, and please check out some other zero-waste blogs while you’re at it 🙂

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Would you be interested in running a couple of workshops at The Organik’s a Store &Cafe at Glenelg by any chance ?
    If so, can we make a time to get together and chat ?
    Lee 0488303000


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