The rise of Eco- chic

There have always been many misconceptions about “sustainable lifestyles” and “eco- friendly living”. One of which is the mental image of an “earth lover” being that of a dread- locked, unshowered, hemp-pants-wearing hippy. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with these personal life choices, it is naturally off- putting to the average person. And not what most would call an aspirational lifestyle.

What has evolved over time with the zero waste movement is the promotion of a gentler, more thoughtful lifestyle which takes into account the impact of our every day actions on the planet. I’m happy to call single use items (including fast fashion) UN-fashionable and OFF- trend. Just think- a handful of flimsy plastic bags vs a pretty cotton tote; a stainless steel water bottle vs a plastic disposable one; slowing down to have your coffee in a cafe or remembering your keep cup; a wardrobe filled with lovingly-found and cared-for second hand designer and thrifted items, and locally/ sustainably made clothes- vs a pile of fast fashion polyester made in dubious work conditions.

I no longer aspire to have the latest clothing or accessories, or to “keep up with the Jonses”. I have no plans to join the Rat Race. Others may dream of one day earning more money, having more designer clothes, owning faster cars, having a bigger house. Instead, I dream of owning less- my ultimate dream would be to get to the point where my possessions can fit in a suitcase, to not own a car (but to get my dream Tokyo Bike instead!), and to fit 2 adults and 2 rabbits in a smaller house. 

I love that my life is now made up of lots of little tiny beautiful moments that I attribute to going zero waste. Even mundane things like cleaning the toilet (with home made toilet cleaner) or flossing my teeth (with biodegradable bamboo floss packaged in cardboard) “spark joy” for me. I feel like I’ve been asleep for the most of my life, mindlessly consuming plastic and destroying the planet and thinking I was fashionable when I was anything but. I’m still coming to terms with my former life, and my penance includes trying to use up all my pre zero waste makeup when all I really want to do is to rub beetroots onto my cheeks and call it a day.
Aspirationally beetroot-cheeked,
Lisa xx

8 thoughts on “The rise of Eco- chic

  1. Hi Lisa, I really enjoy your posts and am happy you’ve been posting a bit more of late. Your life/lifestyle sounds so sweet and you write beautifully. I feel a book coming from you one day… if no plans – please consider it! 🙂

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    1. Hi Kath that’s so sweet that you’re still reading my blog, given it’s been about 6 months between blog posts 😉 I’m currently working on more specific reviews on zero waste businesses in Adelaide with proper photos etc, so stay tuned xx And no plans on any books at any stage, perhaps one day when I get a better handle on the whole zero waste lifestyle!

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      1. Sounds great, I will the reviews with great interest. And it sounds like you have a great handle on things already! All the best for your time in Melbourne (from memory you shifted there a while back) xo

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  2. Hi! I’d love to know what brand the dental floss is. Would love to switch to something compostable with minimal packaging. By the way, I’m in Adelaide too.

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    1. Hey Lisa! The brand is Noosa Basics- you can search for them online, also available through an online shop called Nourished Life- a hand one stop shop for some zerowaste goodies like natural deodorants in glass jars, etc xx


  3. Love your inclusion of fast fashion in the single use disposables category! I wasn’t thinking of it in that space! I have been coming from the point of view of multiple use items like cutlery etc. It’s also important to share your message that not all people who are aware of the zero waste message are indeed hemp wearing hippies!
    My daughter uses hippie perjoratively and I have been looking for an alternative to help her see less waste as not being associated with a monk like anti-abundance ascetic.
    *By the way, she loves your design aesthetic and you are working well on that front – so keep up your inspirational work!
    Thank you

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  4. Hi there, I read your blog with interest. I am an Adelaide gal who lives in Istanbul. I have a clean up group that also has a blog on WP and FB page. Tidy Turkey. I’m interested to hear if you did reviews on businesses around ADL. I’m looking at opportunities to spread the word in Istanbul.


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