Veggie boxes and changing habits

It’s been a crazy few months around here. Amongst other things I caught pneumonia and then ran away to Iceland on no sleep. In that order.

Because I live alone quite a few people were concerned when I was ill about my welfare- I was offered a hospital admission (twice) but declined (I prefer to die at home wearing my own socks). My boss called me one night and offered to drop off groceries- I declined because I always have a fully stocked freezer and pantry with ingredients for tasty meals (neurosurgery registrar survival skills 101), plus I was due for a fresh drop of veggies from my delivery service. He offered to drop off milk, to which I replied, “I don’t drink cows milk, I make my own milk from almonds”. Unfazed, he then offered to drop off a bag of almonds. I am truly a weirdo.

Since moving to melbourne- the equivalent to a fresh food wasteland- I’ve had to change my expectations slightly. I no longer have access to weekly and affordable fresh produce markets, and now receive the bulk of my fresh produce via a local organic veggie box delivery scheme- Ceres Fair Food. They can either deliver to your home, or to a designated drop off point (a volunteer’s front porch). I’ve been mainly picking up a box from someone’s home on the walk home from work, or on the way to dance class, which makes things pretty flexible, and you don’t have to wait at home for a delivery to turn up. I top up with tasty things at the local grocer during the week, and go to the farmers market once a month mainly for eggs


  • No lock in contracts or subscriptions– you can opt to order a box week to week as you see fit, or set up a regular order. This has been great because if I know I’m going to be away from home I won’t order another box, forcing myself to finish up the contents of the previous box first
  • Forces creativity– sometimes you get some sort of strange fruit or vegetable that you’ve never seen before, and you have to eat it #becausepride. A month ago I received something that looked like a zucchini, but wasn’t a zucchini. I convinced myself it was an exotic Chinese winter melon, and agonised over traditional Chinese herbal soup recipes deciding how best to cook it. 1.5 weeks of indecisiveness later, I cut into it- turns out it was just a smooth skinned cucumber. Fail. I really wanted winter melon soup for some reason!
  • Pretty cheap– I usually order the small fruit and veg box for $40+ any extras that take my fancy. Averages $55 per 2-3 weeks for one person, which gets stretched with bulk grains/ staples- which cost almost nothing. This means more money for that Beyoncé dance course you’ve been eyeing off 🙂
  • Forces you to eat your veggies– my rule is that I have to eat my fridge empty before I order another box. It also gets me meal prepping and planning more to incorporate the veggies, which means overall I eat pretty healthy without having to try very hard
  • It’s fun– there really is something about taking home a cardboard box and opening it and getting really excited to find snow peas. A good reason as any to high five yourself.
  • The company is Eco conscious– you can leave your empty box from a previous order behind to be reused. The veggies mostly come loose, smaller items like mushrooms come in brown paper bags 
  • Supports a local grass roots business with ideals that match your own. Plus it’s an effective way to stick it to the supermarket duopoly by getting your Kiwi fruit grown by a local dude named Fred
  • Their headquarters and farm are 15 mins away from me. They have an impressive bulk store on site- like I said- live your values and align yourselves with businesses who think just like you do. Vote with your dollars for the kind of world you want your kids to grow up in.
  • Makes life a little bit better– yes you can work 14 hour days, on 4 hours’ sleep, and know that you have a box of fresh, local and organic produce waiting for you at the end of the work day


  • Too many white potatoes– really- I have a cupboard full of them. About four months’ worth. That’s a lot of potatoes for someone who doesn’t really eat them at home. I’ve taken to bringing a roast potato with me to work everyday and I pat it like a pet. As if people at work don’t already think I’m weird enough as it is… 

If you would like some potatoes let me know 🙄

Drowning in potatoes,

Lisa xx

One thought on “Veggie boxes and changing habits

  1. Hey lisa glad i came across your blog im trying to go zero waste. Im a mum of 3 little children living in Mawson Lakes. Ive heard Bea Johnson talk about the Bulk app but i absolutely cant find it… do you know anyone around Mawson Lakes where i can find bulk grains and lentils etc.?


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