Practicing mindfulness

Long time no post!

It’s been a busy few months here. Work consumes most of my waking hours- and sometimes most of my sleeping hours too!

A recent, rather natural habit shift for me has been to be more mindful of everything- and I can definitely say that going zero waste has taught me so much in that regard.

Nowadays I am mindful of what I put in my body, what I put my body through, the words that come from my mouth, the thoughts that come into my mind. I am practicing joy, gratefulness and “ahimsa”. I am practicing kindness- to myself, to others, to the earth we inhabit.

A colleague paid me the nicest compliment the other day- he said, “when Lisa walks into the room she makes everyone happy.” 🙂

Even though my life is a cyclone of chaos right now, I am still trying to stay very grounded, and to find joy in the tiniest things- like finding a box of cleaned glass jars that someone had put out to share with others, as opposed to putting them straight in the recycling bin. A small act of kindness to others and to the environment.

How to practice daily gratitude (3 easy steps). Every day:

  1. Say thank you to yourself
  2. Say thank you to someone else– be it a stranger, lover, friend, work mate, family member. We don’t thank each other enough for being in each others’ worlds
  3. Say thank you to the earth. It sustains us and brings life. Cherish it.

A million thank yous.

Lisa x